One Minute Devotional 03.03.2019

That Blankety-Blank Driver

Anyone who has driven an automobile more than three feet knows the frustration of dealing with other drivers. Most drivers are just attempting to do the same thing as the rest of us – get safely from point A to point B. some, however, are not so fine; either going too fast or too slow and causing problems.

These few can indeed be frustrating! So much so that we’ve been known to use some pretty salty language in giving them a piece of our mind as we vent our frustration.

What if that other driver were God in disguise? Would we react in the same manner? Perhaps, just perhaps, God is using that person to suggest a change that we need to make. Do we need to adjust our “speed” or gain better control over our emotions and language? Is He suggesting that we need to re-prioritize what is truly important? Perhaps we need to re-examine how we treat our brothers and/or sisters.

Scripture: 2 Thessalonians 3:5

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