One Minute Devotional 08.18.2019


You’re most likely not aware that you are bombarded with approximately 5000 messages each day. Each one of these messages is designed for the sole purpose of gaining your attention, gaining your “ear” so to speak. As a point of reference, globally, some 6,000,000,000 (6B) messages are transmitted each and every day. This equates to 16,000 audible, visual, and/or printed messages per second.

We would quickly be overcome were it not for the built-in, subconscious filters that each one of us possesses. These filters automatically discard those messages that are of no interest or importance. In addition, each of us have a set of conscious filters that we can employ; for example, I’m getting hungry. When this filter kicks-in, all of a sudden, we notice food ads that an instant before didn’t register with us.

So, whose messages get past your filters? Perhaps another way to say this is, who has your ear? Who do you allow to reach you with their messages and, what is the nature of the messages that you do allow past your filters?

One final question: where is God in terms of your filters?

Scripture: Proverbs 19:20

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