One Minute Devotional 08.04.2019


Ever find yourself forgiving someone for something that they’d done just to get them off your back even though you didn’t mean it? It’s easy to do, usually costs you nothing, and it often serves the purpose.

True forgiveness, however, does come at a price and rather than move the recipient away, it often generates discussion. When you truly mean it, the words, I forgive you, are far from empty and most certainly not without personal cost. To truly forgive requires that even though you can’t forget the offense that occurred, you treat the other person as if it hadn’t. Anything short of this is simply not forgiveness!

The breadth of forgiveness is not limited to just those people you like. It extends, by definition, to those who don’t. To truly understand forgiveness means that you must be willing, and able, to forgive all people who need it, not just the ones that are easy.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you must be a “doormat” for people to walk over at will. The wise person takes measures to protect himself or herself against future events but remains willing to forgive as often as necessary.

Scripture: Colossians 3:1-17

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