One Minute Devotional 08.25.2019


Scripture tells us that the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years after escaping captivity in Egypt. Scripture also informs us that this was not what they wanted to do but God saw that it was what they needed to do. Their travels had an objective, the Promised Land, but God knew that they were not ready to claim it.

We are not unlike those Israelites in that we can find ourselves wandering just as they did. For some, this wandering may last a life time as they search for something, perhaps not even knowing what it might be. They wander from job-to-job or relationship-to-relationship in search of something that eludes them.

God knew what the Israelites needed even though they did not. Their priorities needed to be reordered. They had lost sight of what should have been second-nature to them. He kept them wandering until they solved their problem. Perhaps God does the same thing with us – keeping us moving until we finally listen to Him regarding the ordering of our priorities.

If you find yourself wandering, stop and reread Ecclesiastes. There you will hear Solomon reminding you that if God is not central in your life, everything else there will just be meaningless. Not much has changed since the time of these Israelites, has it?

Scripture: Genesis 2:24Ecclesiastes

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